RMK HOLDINGS INC. specializes in fulfilling the resource gap after the medical claim is billed.


Based in the Chicago area, RMK HOLDINGS INC. specializes in fulfilling the resource gap after the claim is billed. The claim and denial management segment of the healthcare revenue cycle is expected to hold the highest compound growth rate over the next few years. RMK HOLDINGS INC. uncovers root causes of medical cash flow slow down, resulting in efficiency and improved reimbursement for ambulance, physicians and healthcare organizations.

Whether you are seeking a short-term partner to get medical account receivables back on track, coping with a backlog of unworked accounts or searching for a long-term solutions partner, RMK HOLDINGS INC. can help. Even with the small balances!

RMK HOLDINGS INC. specializes in non to slow paying balances for ambulance medical transportation, physician practices and other healthcare organizations. Contact us toll-free at 866-446-4800 or by email for a free consultation on how to meet the challenges of early out collections, medical receivables reimbursement management, and medical claim denials.

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Achieving different results may take more persistence than most practices and their staff can support or invest. RMK HOLDINGS INC. pursues open claims with tenacity until resolution is met. RMK HOLDINGS INC. partners with you to create a personalized approach that includes defining a mutual vision, establishing transparent communications, quickly adapting to your specialty, and recommending insightful solutions that improve your medical reimbursement financials for the long term.

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The Advantages of Partnering with RMK HOLDINGS INC.

RMK HOLDINGS INC. partners with you to improve cash flow, strengthen processes, and streamline workflows in the most vulnerable areas of your process by filling resource gaps. On average, existing recovery is improves 17% to 40% with RMK HOLDINGS INC.


Success Stories

Read how non-paying problem claims were converted to bottom line results. Average account age at turnover: 180 days plus.

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